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With NetMan Desktop Manager, you can provide exactly the applications that each user requires, no matter what type of device or what operating system is used at the client end and regardless of whether the user is within your LAN or WAN, or accesses the system from outside.

Flexible Application Access

With NDM in place, users see onlythe applications that they are permitted to use. The administrator can determine how applications are presented in each individual user's web interface, Start menu and desktop.

Advanced Security Features

NetMan Desktop Manager has security features specifically developed for terminal server environments. They enhance the existing security infrastructure, actively confront dangers and effectively fight off attacks on your network


August 22, 2018 | General Data Protection Regulation - Administration Manual
To support our customers, we now offer an administration manual on data protection for each of our products as a free service.

June 11, 2018 | HAN and Citavi offer full texts at one click
New cooperation between Citavi, Han and the Bavarian State Library

June 4, 2018 | Virtual CD 11 is in the starting blocks
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