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Virtual CD Script cannot execute a program that is to be started.

Error messge:
Script: C:\Documents and Settings\%UserName%\My Documents\Virtual CD v6\Scripts\Test.vbs
Line: 223
Character: 4
Error: The system cannot find the specified file.
Code: 80070002
Source: (null)

In the Virtual CD Script Generator(v6 and newer) you can specify which virtual CDs are to be inserted and ejected and optionally which program is to be executed. If the path contains blanks  the above error message will be displayed instead of the program start.


  • Don't enter a working directory in the Script Generator or delete the working directory in the VBScript
  • Set the start program in the VBScript in triple quotation marks
    Example: call DoCommand("""C:\Program files\klickTel\klickTel January 2004\KTEL32.exe""", "", 1)
    Example with parameter: call DoCommand("""C:\Program files\klickTel\klickTel January 2004\KTEL32.exe"" Assistent", "", 1)
  • Alternatively start the program via the Image File Properties of the virtual CD.

Article #1380 | 05/12/22 | Hartmut Mäcker