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Important safety note for our customers

Products of H+H Software GmbH are not affected by the Java security vulnerability


since the weekend, the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has been warning about a critical security vulnerability in the frequently used Java logging library log4j.

You can continue to use our products NetMan for Schools, HAN and NetMan Desktop Manager without hesitation. The affected logging library is not used in the products of H+H Software GmbH.

Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you check your network environments and devices for possible compromise. For more information on the nature of the vulnerability and solutions, please visit the website of the German Federal Office for Information Security. Click here for the BSI information (only in German).

Please remember to check your private devices as well. Here, too, the security vulnerability can come into play.

We hope that this information will contribute to the security of your systems.

Your team at H+H Software GmbH

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Article #3744 | 12/14/21 | Claudia Biller